Founded in 1985 with a small repair shop, it's getting bigger and bigger through the time. Nowadays, our garage can restore 10 - 20 scooters a month.

     We started selling abroad from 2000. When travelers rush to Vietnam for its landscape. Some of them are scooterist, they realized that scooters in Vietnam can be restored carefully with high quality. And when they get back, they brought some scooters with them. From then, we started to restore scooters for foreigners with higher quality. 

     We  are dedicated to sourcing and restoring rare,  original,  Vintage Piaggio Vespa Scooters to a high specification .

     We specialize in three models from the 1960’s, the Standard, the Super and the Sprint but we can source rarer pre 1960 model’s for  you who require something really special!. 

     All our Vespas are hand picked for  you, our customers.  Our  restorations are carried out by experienced mechanics who have over 20 years expertise,  so your Vespa should last  for the next 30 years.

     We believe in providing you with  scooters of the highest quality and reliability. All our Vespas are  thoroughly checked and tested before being offered to you for sale.

     Contact us now with your  enquiry and expand the joys of scootering.