ACMA produced Vespas from 1951 to 1962 in Fourchambault, near Dijon, France. Some interesting features of the 1955 model were:

  • The fan and fan cover are like a Vespa GS150 and the engine cowl is flatter but retains the louvers like a '54.
  • Available in biege for the first 6 months of 1955.
  • Available in duck egg blue for the last 6 months of 1955.
  • 8" wheels
  • A new style of seat with internal springs
  • The cast headlamp was bolted to the handlebars and included a speedometer and a new style headlight ring.
  • V style rear rack

Although they look very similar, there are some small differences between the 1955 ACMA 125 and the earlier model

  No: ACF 017
  Color: white
  Price: $2200
  No: ACF 018
  Color: Army blue
  Price: $2250
  No: ACF 019
  Color: Dark purple
  Price: $2400
  No: ACF 020
  Color: black
  Price: $2450
  No: ACF 021
  Color: Silver
  Price: $2200
  No: ACF 022
  Color: Cream
  Price: $2400
  No: ACF 023
  Color: Black
  Price: $2250